Top 11 creative writing scholarships in 2021-2022

If you dream of pursuing a profession that allow you to focus on the written word, creative writing scholarships can make your college trip affordable.  As with all scholarships, it is not necessary to repay the funds, which gives the student an opportunity to avoid cumbersome student loan debts.

Creative writing scholarships come in two main forms.  The first type is aimed at students who intend to pursue writing-related majors or careers.  The second option allows anyone with writing skills to receive scholarship awards but does not necessarily limit eligibility based on the student’s major or future career plans.

Scholarships for young writers can help your students fulfill their dream while giving them a chance to avoid student loan debt.  Since many writing jobs do not start with large salaries, this can make pursuing a career in this field affordable for everyone.

  How to win a creative writing scholarship?

Writing Grants are unique in that they require you to use your words to win one.  If you are an aspiring novelist or journalist, or enjoy writing poems as a hobby, you may be eligible.  Scholarships for Creative Writing relate to how to craft a story and develop characters.  Essay Contest Scholarships often ask you to answer a question in a very original and clear way.

As such, each scholarship will have its own set of guidelines that you must follow.  You may need to write a story about a specific topic and meet the word limit.  To apply for the Writing Grant, you must write something original.

In some scholarships for writers, applicants must be majoring in literature or creative writing.  Referees of these programs may want to see your transcripts and know your academic goals, along with a completed form.

  How to write a winning creative writing scholarships essay

To write a scholarship essay, you must be creative and follow the essay instructions.  Here are five helpful tips for writing your next essay on the winning scholarship.

  1. Understand the essay question

You cannot write a strong essay answer unless you understand the question.  When the question is direct, be direct when answering it.  If not, the judges will spot the confusion no matter how well you write.  Here’s an example: What are you planning to study in college and why?  “In college, I plan to major in writing because …”

  1. Attract the audience

Open your article with a hook or a clear beginning.  This captures the reader’s attention.  It may help judges who have to read many articles remember your article better.  Of course, once you hit the reader, keep up the good work.

Do not stray from the topic.  Use the rest of your article for more in-depth details and examples.  Then conclude your essay to connect all of your points.  This shows the judges that you have used a diagram and organized your thoughts well.

  1. Follow the scholarship instructions

Often judges have hundreds of articles to record.  Therefore, most scholarship essays contain guidelines to help them reach a decision.  Word count is the most common guideline to fulfill.  Therefore, even very creative articles may take points if they’re hyperbolic.

  1. Check the spelling and correct your article

Be sure to proofread several times and double check your entire article before submitting it.  Also, proofread for any grammatical errors.  If it helps, you can print your article and read it off screen.  The spell check software doesn’t capture errors related to context.  For example, you can correctly spell “them” but you intend to write “there.”  Try to avoid these mistakes with slang.

  1. Do not copy anyone

Many scholarship providers do not tolerate plagiarism, which is considered unethical.  It should tell a story that resonates with your goals and personal experiences.  Be original and write from the heart so that your essay stands out.

Top 11 creative writing scholarships in 2021-2022

  1. Columbia College Chicago – Various creative writing scholarships are available to students of all levels of study to study at the college.  (Simply select “Creative Writing” from the “Study Program” box to view it.)
  2. Chatham University – Several assistants and fellowships are available to study the MA in Creative Writing at the university.
  3. Mystery Writers of America Helen McCloy Scholarship– Two $ 500 scholarships are available for aspiring mystery writers (who must be US citizens or permanent residents) to offset the costs of a creative writing workshop, seminar, or college course.
  4. Penguin Annual Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest – Five creative writing scholarships are available for seniors and young adults in American high schools to further their education.  To enter this year’s competition, you will need to write an essay on a topic related to a novel.
  5. Pine Manor College MFA in Creative Writing– Various scholarships for creative writing for college study, including need-based “writers helping writers” and the Jacqueline Woodson Scholarship, which is awarded to a student of African or Caribbean descent.
  6. Sierra Nevada College MFA in Creative Writing scholarships– Scholarships for creative writing are available based on merit and need to study in college.
  7.  UCLA Extension Phyllis Gebauer Scholarship in Writing– Up to six scholarships are available annually to study the UCLA Extension writing program.  Only U.S. citizens or eligible green card holders can apply.
  8. University of Washington Department of English – Several scholarships for creative writing are available at all levels of study, including some scholarships for undergraduate or current graduate students of any subject.
  9. Ursinus College Creative Writing Award – An annual award of $ 33,000 is available for “creative writers of originality and outstanding potential” to study at this liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.
  10. Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship – A $ 1,000 scholarship is available to a student from the United States, Canada, or Australia who is currently enrolled in (or admitted to) a program in one of the same three countries.  To apply, you will need to submit the first chapter of the original novel.
  11. This is Writing Creative Writing Scholarship– Writing competition with a prize of up to US $ 400, is available to students currently studying a creative writing course in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada at any grade level.


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