Top 13 scholarships in Spain for All Students in 2021

There is a massive amount of scholarships in Spain that you can check out for the current academic year.  Spain is becoming known as an advanced study area for international students and professionals exploring global education.  These preferred Spain opportunities are one of the most desirable financing options available currently in unique academic fields.  All scholarships accessible in Spain help Spanish and international students to continue their studies in their home country and abroad.

You can study in Spain with fully funded or partially funded scholarships.  The government of Spain and universities in Spain offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year, and here we have listed some of the best PhD Scholarships in Spain, Masters Scholarships in Spain, and Scholarships at Bachelor’s level.

Going to university ensures that you have a career that you love all your life, and when you go to university in Spain, things get a lot more exciting.  Every day one does not get the opportunity to travel across the country and engage with Spain’s education like no other.  Spain has some of the best universities you will find in the world, and although the costs of attending these universities are much cheaper than attending college elsewhere, you still have to consider where you will get the money to pay for this college education.

Just as there are several types of financial aid available in the US, UK, and other countries, financial aid is also available for students who wish to pursue a degree in Spain.  While it is much more difficult to obtain financial aid in Spain, it is still an option that you should consider.

  Why study in Spain?

Study abroad programs in Spain are many and varied.  No matter what you choose to study, you will love to settle in your new city and immerse yourself in Spanish culture.  Whether it comes to food, culture, or nightlife, Spain is a wonderful place that can inspire an international student studying abroad.

Spain is one of the most visited European countries and a preferred study destination for many international students who want to discover its interesting culture and lifestyle.

The cost of studying in Spain

If you want to study in Spain, it is important that you know how much you need as an international student.  Keep reading as we describe the tuition fees you should expect and what are the living costs in this beautiful country.

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from 750 € to 2,500 € per year, and tuition fees for masters programs range from 1,000 to 3,500 € per year – making Spain a cheap destination for international students.  Private universities set their own fees, which can amount to € 20,000 per year.

The cost of living in Spain varies by location, but in general, it is easy to live well in Spain on a student budget.  Food is cheap and of high quality and there are many cheap fashionable clothing stores.  However, finding accommodation in large cities like Madrid and Barcelona can be expensive.  If you are on a very tight budget, you can consider cheaper cities like Valencia or Seville.  And remember that public transport in Spain is efficient and cheap, so you will be able to experience everything the country has to offer, regardless of where you choose to base your studies.

  How to apply for scholarships in Spain

The application for financial aid to enroll in a school in Spain must be done through a completed application.  The application can be obtained from the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Iberian Cooperation, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The app will ask many personal questions, often about how much money you earn, as well as how much your parents are.  It is important that the application is completely filled out so that there is no delay in obtaining your financial assistance.

Keep in mind that there are deadlines for submitting financial aid applications to college.  Your application must be submitted before the deadline, and it is a good idea to send it well before the deadline to ensure you have the best chance of getting the loans and grants available.

The web can be a valuable resource for finding scholarships and grants.  It is a free tool that can put you in touch with the best scholarships and scholarships available.  It is suggested that you make use of the available information.

Going to university in Spain is an experience of a lifetime.  With the help of financial assistance, fulfilling this dream has become easier than it has been before.  Make sure you consider all your options and go to school with ease!


Top 13 scholarships in Spain for All Students in 2021

•         UIC Barcelona International Excellence Scholarships in Spain

Applicants who have been accepted into an applicable course will be eligible to apply for this application.

  Supporting documents: All candidates must submit the following documents with their admission application: Pre-qualification score, copies of academic transcripts, English language proficiency certificates, a statement, and a copy of their passport.

  Admission requirements: The requirements related to admission differ from one course to another.

  Language requirements: Language requirements differ from course to course.

  Benefits: This support will assist all deserving students by covering 20% ​​of the academic fees for all degree programs offered.



• Ph.D. Position in Structural Biology and Drug Discovery at Valencia Catholic University

In order to apply for the opportunity, all applications must be submitted via email to José Gallego (

Supporting documents: Applications including CV and academic record including grade point average and cover letter must be sent to the same address before the deadline.

  Admission requirements: Candidates must hold their previous degree certificates.

Language requirements: If your instruction is not conducted in English, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English language proficiency.

  Benefits: The Catholic University of Valencia will offer a 3-year contract with a gross annual salary of around 16,000 € plus a one-time payment of 1,600 € for travel expenses.



•         IE High Potential Award for International Students in Spain

In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates are required to gain admission to a bachelor’s degree at the university.  After that, all applicants are automatically considered for this merit-based award and no application is required.

Supporting Documents:  An essay will be requested. Preference will be given to candidates with greater financial needs.

Admission requirements: To take admission, applications must meet all requirements for admission to this university.

  Language requirements: You must check the English language requirements when you come to study at IE.

  Benefits:  IE offers several of these partial awards for each entry.  The amount will vary depending on the candidate’s merit and the funding available at the time of admission.



•         IE Kistefos Young Talented Leaders funded African students in Spain

In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates are required to accept a master’s degree at the university, after which they can apply for this award.

Supporting Documents: An essay will be requested. Preference will be given to candidates with greater financial needs.

  Admission requirements: To take admission, applications must meet all requirements for admission to this university.

  Language requirements: You must check the English language requirements when you come to study at IE.

Benefits:  IE will award a maximum of six (6) awards per year.  The amount of assistance will be determined on the basis of financial need.



•         NETCOM Lab PhD Position at IMDEA Networks Institute in Spain

To be considered for this opportunity, all eligible candidates must submit an online application.

Supporting Documents: Candidates must submit a CV, academic certificates, and transcripts with your application.

Admission requirements: Applicants must hold their previous certificates.

Language requirements: If English is not your first language, you must send a copy of your recent English language test certificate or provide details of when to take the test.

  Benefits:  IMDEA Networks will offer a flexible work schedule and negotiable remote workdays.  They also offer very competitive salaries and operate with a certain degree of independence, are responsible for decision-making and there is a very innovative and technological component to our work.



  • PhD position in Distributed Ledger Systems at IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain

In order to apply for the opportunity, all eligible candidates must complete and submit an online application.

Supporting documents: A CV, at least two reference letters, and a letter of motivation must be submitted.  All materials must be submitted through the IMDEA Networks recruitment portal.

 Admission requirements: He must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, electrical engineering, or any related field.

 Language requirements: Fluency in spoken and written English is mandatory.

  Benefits:  The Global Computing Group offers a fully-funded PhD position to eligible students.  This contract will be 50% funded by the European Social Fund.



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