10 Easiest PA Schools to get into in USA | 2021

Easiest PA Schools to get into – Physician assistant schools are difficult to access.  In the 2016 and 2017 cycle, there were a total of 26,768 applicants.  Of all these applicants, only 31% were admitted.  In short, only 3 out of 10 applicants were accepted while the other 7 had no choice but to reapply the following year or simply work hard to increase their knowledge.

If you are having difficulty entering a Physician assistant school, don’t despair.  You might be among the thousands of people who are also going through the same problem.  Although you may have good grades on your academic record, there may be some barriers to gaining admission to one of the best PA schools in the country. This article will provide you with a list of easiest PA Schools to get into in USA.

What do Physician Assistants do?

Physician assistant is one of the most important jobs in the medical industry.  While we talk a lot about doctors and nurses, a physician assistant plays a vital role in diagnosing and treating patients.  The role is varied.  They may meet with patients in private in the morning and collaborate with a team of medical professionals in the afternoon.  They may participate in developing a treatment plan, and they may have a direct role in administering the medication.

By combining a variety of skills, protected areas keep many hospitals and clinics moving in the right direction.  They are well paid, have excellent job security, and work with people of all ages and all walks of life.

Physician Assistants (PAs) are similar to physicians in many ways and serve as important members of any health care team: They improve the ease and speed of patients seeing a healthcare provider;  They carry out most of the activities that physicians do in caring for patients;  They meet with patients to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications;  They assist patients in all clinical settings and work across disciplines in every state in the United States;  They can even become the main patient provider!  However, there are some limitations to the services they can offer as well: They can only perform surgeries under the direct supervision of a doctor, and there are some restrictions on what they can prescribe without direct approval from a doctor, depending on the country.

  Why become a Physician Assistant?

The physician assistant profession is one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare today.  The US Labor Office ranks it in the top five fast-growing occupations, with an expected growth rate of 31% between 2018 and 2028. With a beginner education equivalent to a master’s degree, it has a high compensation rate compared to other longer educational paths.  PA programs usually last about three years.

Are there Easiest Physician Assistant PA Schools?

Attending a PA school is very competitive.  The popularity is increasing every year, which means more applicants.  And not just anyone, but more qualified applicants.  The first hurdle to overcome is meeting the entry requirements for the PA program.  This includes taking necessary coursework (and doing well), gaining experience with patient care, shadowing, volunteering, and getting letters of recommendation.  These requirements are non-negotiable and there is no “room for maneuver”.  Part of the accreditation process for PA schools requires adherence to certain admission criteria to maintain program quality.  It becomes difficult because each school has its own details that must be taken into account. But however, knowing the list of easiest PA Schools to get into will go a long way to help your journey.


Easiest Physician Assistant PA Schools to get into in USA

·         A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

  Minimum GPA requirements: 2.50 (General and PA Program)

The advanced master’s courses and curricula in Physician Assistant Studies are designed to extend the clinical knowledge and skill level of practicing physician assistants.  Major topics include ethical issues, healthcare delivery systems, evidence-based medicine, and clinical research design.  In addition to the coursework and assignments, which can be completed entirely online, the Clinical Medicine concentration requires 400 hours of direct patient care, which may be completed in your workplace.

·           Barry University

Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0 (overall and scientifically)

Barry’s Physician Assistant program educates students in the practice of collaborative medicine and encourages lifelong learning and professional development.  It fosters an environment rich in technology and clinical training experiences to assist diverse groups of patients.  This liberal arts focus integrates Catholic traditions by combining study, contemplation, and action to promote individual and group transformations.

·           Midwestern University

  Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0

The Physician Assistant program is designed to teach the skills you need to become a vital member of the healthcare team, the Physician Assistant program is taught by caring faculty experts who will prepare you to apply evidence-based medicine and make compassionate decisions to benefit a diverse community of patients.  The student-centered curriculum and clinical experiences teach you how to become a competent and caring Physician Assistant.

The Midwest also looks at your past work, volunteer work, or life experiences that demonstrate drive and commitment to healthcare, as well as demonstrating service and leadership through community service or extracurricular activities.

·           Loma Linda University

Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0 (overall and scientifically)

The Physician Assistant program teaches primary care physician assistants to provide health care in collaboration with physicians as active members of the healthcare team.  This program is specifically designed to teach empathy for the whole person and to provide quality healthcare to underserved communities locally and globally.  The school shares its campus with six hospitals where students receive practical training.  As a private health sciences university, Loma Linda is looking for students who will help them change the world and break down barriers in the healthcare industry.

·           University of Utah

Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0 (2.7 GPAs will be considered)

The Utah Physician Assistant Program is one of the oldest PA programs in the country and is committed to training protected areas that will be prepared to meet the challenges of providing high-quality care to patients in rural and underserved communities.  Additionally, the program has refined its approach and format to provide a blend of educational and clinical training to provide practical experience in the field.  One of the key aspects of the Utah PA program is that it does not require any standardized test, such as the GRE or MCAT.

·           Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

  Minimum GPA requirement: 2.75

The 24-month Physician Assistant Program was established at Rosalind Franklin in 1991 and the faculty takes pride in teaching its students to provide competent, compassionate and ethical medical care through dynamic lectures and innovative laboratories.  The mission of the program is to educate and prepare protected areas who will be essential members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team and to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.  Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is named after Dr. Rosalind Franklin, who in 1952 took the photo revealing the structure of DNA.

·           Thomas Jefferson University

  Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0

Designed to prepare you as a leader in the healthcare field, the MSc in Physician Assistant Studies seeks to translate your knowledge and skills into an innovative, evidence-based medical practice.  In addition, the school can draw on Philadelphia’s rich culture of medical education along with our well-established history of educating outstanding healthcare providers.  Jefferson has collaborated in creating a curriculum to ensure students are prepared to be successful physicians who can influence health care and impact public health.

While the school only requires a 3.0 GPA, it shows that the 3.3 GPA is more competitive.  However, it does not require applicants to take or submit standardized test scores, such as the GRE or MCAT and that qualifies it for one of the easiest PA Schools to get into.

·           University of New England

  Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0 (overall and scientifically)

Aa one of the easiest PA Schools to get into and drawing on the expertise and experience of the faculty, the MSc Physician Assistant prepares you to work as part of a multidisciplinary team providing patient care through coursework and clinical trials.  The program is full-time, takes 24 months and is built on a foundation in pathology and pathophysiology to enhance an understanding of disease processes and clinical medicine.  It is important to note that for the University of New England and all other schools on the list, that while meeting the minimum requirements means that your application will be reviewed, this does not guarantee admission or even an interview.

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