10 Best animation scholarships in 2021 | USA

Scholarships for students pursuing degrees and careers in animation are very competitive, and students applying for the animation scholarships must be prepared to submit both academic texts and a comprehensive portfolio of their artwork.  Talent is the determining factor in awarding animators, and students should be prepared to have their work screened by a board of professionals.  Many animation scholarships will also require the submission of one or more letters of recommendation from instructors or professionals in the field.

The animation career opens up a world of possibilities.  Professional animators work in film, television, commercials, and computer game design.  Professional animators are highly trained, and they must have an educational background that covers a variety of artistic disciplines.  Students pursuing careers in animation will need to complete general coursework in graphics and computer design, as well as drawing, traditional illustration, film and photography techniques.

There are a large number of universities that offer a course in animation.  These degrees can be very beneficial for students who want to work on some of the successful films released each year.  Additionally, a degree in animation can open up a variety of areas such as game design and visual effects.

  Animation training programs

In many schools for multimedia artists and animation, the courses teach students how to participate in all stages of the production process for all types of projects.  The courses usually teach students a foundation of skills that includes the use of computer programs to create art.  Of course, it is also important to have strong traditional skills, such as drawing.  Some of your curricula may include these areas of focus for improving the quality of your digital output.

You should look for chapters to help you understand the storyboard process, as well as how to conduct the research to match the overall look and feel of the production. For example, you might have to work on a piece of time and check that historical items are correct. You will also need to learn all relevant Adobe software and other illustrator software that are industry standards that every multimedia artist and animator should know how to use.

When you speak with school counselors, make sure you understand the range of skills that you will be able to develop in their program. Then make sure you ask how you can start developing strategies to maximize your potential for success in this area!

Why study animation?

Obviously, having a degree in animation offers a wide range of opportunities. Some of the skills needed to be an innate animator or multimedia artist. Talented animators will have the ability to see how things and people move and be able to recreate that movement in their drawings. But there are still things for future animators to learn, and this is where animation studies and film schools come in.

Classes are generally small, and many film and animation programs have strong industry ties. The teachers are often professionals, and students have plenty of opportunities for practical learning and work experience, including internships. Studies range from full degree programs (including bachelor’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and master’s degree in business administration programs) to short-term courses and workshops aimed at developing specific skills or continuing professional development. Some programs are broad and offer a good approach (including liberal arts courses), while others focus more on specific areas of the industry, such as architectural design or video games. There are degree programs for animation all over the world where a budding multimedia artist can find just the right place in an exciting and diverse industry.

Best animation scholarships in 2021

1.    Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship

Worldstudio sponsors the annual Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships for talented arts students from unfortunate and low-income families.  This prestigious award is primarily available to students who are pursuing the study of many different art forms, including animation.  The scholarship becomes possible or is funded through private donations, and this award amount varies according to the funds available in a particular year.

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2.    Peanuts on Parade Scholarship Fund

This prestigious scholarship is exclusively for Sonoma County, California residents who are undergraduates and are enrolled full-time in a post-high school institution and also major in animation or animation.  However, there is a certain level of preferential treatment given to students with professional experience who have also been accepted into any accredited and accredited art institution in San Francisco.

An interview required however.  The number of awards and award amounts may vary often depending on the availability of funds.  A sample of the candidate’s past work must be included in the application package.

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3.    Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship program is intended for high school seniors who have plans to pursue a career in animation and / or a field related to design.  However, this prestigious scholarship award program is restricted to high school seniors in the United States who are pursuing an animation-related degree program at an accredited post-secondary school or college.

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4.    initiAIT Scholarships

The prestigious initAIT scholarship program is intended for incoming undergraduate students who have the intention to commence their AIT Bachelor’s degree in the 2021 academic calendar.  This scholarship program is only available to domestic students.  Recipients of this prestigious scholarship are awarded, a $ 8,000 deduction from their tuition fees which states that 50% is applicable to the first semester and 50% to the last semester of the candidate’s bachelor’s degree.

Applicants are given the privilege to use media of their choice such as animation, coding, programming, filmmaking, illustrations, storyboards, photography and creative writing to solve The Red’s Random Replicator’s creative challenge.

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5     Women in Animation Scholarship

Women in Animation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing women in the animation industry.  This organization offers the annual Phyllis Craig Scholarship to students (females) who are enrolled in an art school or college accredited in the Animation Program.

On an annual basis, Women in Animation offers a $ 1,000 scholarship to a one (1) deserving student in honor of Phyllis Craig who doubled as a founding member of Women in Animation and former chair of their Education Committee.

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6     AIE Animation Scholarships

The AIE Community Outreach Scholarship assists students in a critical financial situation.  The maximum annual award is $ 5,000.  The first step in the scholarship application process is to complete a FAFSA that will establish all federal loans and grants for which a student may qualify.

If the funds from the completed FAFSA and Parent PLUS cannot cover the candidate’s tuition fees, that candidate is invited to apply for the AIE Outreach Scholarship.  This application is submitted by sending a letter to the principal detailing:

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7     Chancellor’s International Scholarships in Animation

The University of Hertfordshire is renowned worldwide for offering 60 Chancellor International Scholarships, each valued at £ 2,000.  The prestigious scholarship program is available to every new, full-time student who is assessed on fee issues and is self-funded.  The scholarship program has a value of £ 2000.  If you qualify, your application to the university will be evaluated by our scholarship team.

An applicant will be counted as an international student if he comes from a country outside the European Union and, therefore, is assessed as an international fee payer.  All full-time international undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the Chancellor’s Scholarship.  It is also not available for part-time study or research students.  Students are usually notified by email to let them know if they have been successful in the Counselor Scholarship.  However, students are only entitled to receive one scholarship.  Kindly visit the scholarship provider’s website listed below to apply for the scholarship

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8     SkillsUSA 3-D Visualization and Animation Scholarship

This is a scholarship program sponsored by Skills USA.  Annual Scholarship Award Program in 3D Visualization and Animation.  Candidates are expected to submit a final animated short video using computerized 3D images.  The winner of this prestigious scholarship is decided by a committee of industry professionals, with scholarships going to first, second and third place winners.

Candidates who are members of SkillsUSA may compete in local, national and national tournaments.  Winners in 3D visualization and animation, in addition to television production tournaments, are often awarded a $ 10,000 scholarship.

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9.    Creative minds scholarship

This program is designed for those continuing AIT students who may not have been prepared to offer a scholarship when they started at AIT.  The sponsor is hereby given an opportunity to apply for the Creative Minds scholarship.  This scholarship program is available to both domestic and international students.  Recipients or winners of this scholarship program will be granted a 50% discount on the tuition fees for the upcoming semester.

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